Espresso Supreme Coffee Package
Espresso Supreme Coffee Package Espresso Supreme Coffee Package Espresso Supreme Coffee Package
$ 115.20

    Product Description

    A dream come true for espresso lovers, your subscriptions gets you two or four bags of freshly roasted, perfectly rested Transcend coffee every month.

    Price includes free shipping anywhere in Canada. 

    We make espresso as easy as possible.

    Pulling great espresso at home can be tricky. But when you find that perfect balance of dose, grind, tamp, time, pressure, atmospheric conditions and divine intervention, the results can be truly heavenly. With a Transcend espresso subscription you'll be treated to two or four, 12-oz bags of perfectly rested espresso each month.

    What is rested espresso?

    When espresso beans are too fresh when ground or brewed they produce a bubbly and less flavourful espresso. That’s why we send one bag that’s rested for 5-7 days and another bag that is as fresh as possible. When your coffee arrives, you can open the rested bag and save the fresher bag for the following week. You should find greater consistency in how your espresso brews when using properly rested espresso beans.

    Your subscription will usually consist of our Transcend Espresso, but we may occasionally surprise you with a different single-origin coffee that we are confident will make a delicious espresso.

    Giving this as a gift?

    In the notes field, please indicate whether you’d like to start the subscription in a particular month. We're also happy to include a custom card in the first shipment or email you a certificate you can print out to give to the recipient.

    Choose your subscription preferences 


    • Easy and convenient
    • One low recurring monthly payment
    • Cancel anytime 


    • Great for gift giving
    • Choose a set subscription length


    • 2 bags per month (shipped on the first Wednesday of each month)